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If you know some Objective-C programming and if you're interested in helping the project, contact starman, the lead programmer. If you don't, you can always contribute ideas, chat about the interface, or help design icons.

Because we don't have a lot of time to work on iXQ and because we don't want the project to disappear, iXQ's sources have gone under GPL. You can download the project here.
Feel free to help us.

Download IXQ GPL sources >>

Other contributions

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What's new in v2 ?
  • A brief summary of new things in v2 versus v1 :
  • Multiple accounts : you can now open as many account as you want simultaneously
  • Visible and invisible lists
  • Extended Search
  • Extended User Info
  • Managing visibility lists with the server
  • New History Manager, which let you search quickly your messages
  • Auto detection of contact's encodings
  • New GUI : the GUI has been totally rewritten, bringing new features such as Multiple level nesting of folders in the contact list
  • Auto-switch to transparent windows when iXQ is not in front
  • Personalization of message windows
  • New notification system

And much more...

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