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Warning : first release for x.2. Some problems may appear in X.1. If so, please let us know...
• metal theme
• new history manager
• new theme manager
• new default theme
• import from v1
• new pref to activate spell checker automatically
• cleaned document closing
• cleaned prefs layout


* iXQ now handles authorization requests
* Various UI bugs fixed (dock icon kept displaying the last state after quitting iXQ, folder color was not used when fading offline contacts was activated, ...)


* you can now hide offline contacts
* ignore list is implemented
* current status appears in the dock


* iXQ now receives url messages
* iXQ is now notified of disconnections
* option to disable auto-open of user details for unknown users
* option for icon bouncing when receiving messages
* improved history manager : selection is kept when clearing the search field
* added a shortcut to the account preferences in the application menu
* improvement of auto-away-/auto-na accuracy
* fixed transparency when application resigns active and bg transparency==1.0
* fewer crashes thanks to many bugs fixed


* auto-away and auto-n/a after a delay
* auto-away when putting the mouse in a corner
* fixed a dealloc problem during the closing of documents
* fixed visual notifier for long uins
* fixed level of windows, so that message windows appear on top of contact list when they are both on top of everything else


* global history is now managed outside the message windows => you do not have to read a message to save it in the global history, and temp histories are no more cleared every times you close a message window
* history manager now displays nicknames instead of uins
* you can press the return and enter keys to open a new message
* key equivalent added to the contact list menus
* new option to blend offline contacts


* iXQ now displays the contact's IP and Client versions
* iXQ can now automatically select an encoding depending on the contact's clients
* converted min/max age search fields to a popup
* new "Check for update" menu


* fixed a bug which resulted in crashes when receiving some messages

* first public release

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